Tour Dates: 24-28 October 2021 

Price Per Person: £895.00
Single Supplement: £120.00

Hotel: Hotel Restaurant Le Tulipier (B & B)

Walking Verdun 2021

Tour Itinerary

Day 1

UK Pickup via executive coach, Channel crossing and onward journey to Verdun, we pause to study the vital Voie Sacre on route to our hotel.

Day 2

Walk 1 - Verdun town walk, encompassing the local memorials, museums and scars of battle, this walk is an essential way of understanding the story of Verdun, its military heritage and strategic relevance to the battle, often just a billet to many British parties, the town walk, we feel is an excellent start to the tour and promotes a true understanding of the French military system, mentality and traditions that are omnipresent around us.

Walk 2 - It the footsteps of Colonel Driant – one of the key figures of the battle, we walk from Colonel Driants command post, through to his last resting place and then onto the ruined village of Beaumont deep in the forest to the north of the town.

Day 3

Walk 3 – Froideterre to Fluery – The incredible Froideterre Ouverage held out against huge odds throughout the battle and marked the French front line, heavily scarred to this day, we leave the fort and head into the Ravine de Vignes via the Quatre Cheminees, a deep hospital shelter then found itself in the front line in February 1916, we continue through the forest ending at the excellent and newly renovated Fleury Museum.

Walk 4 – From the Ossuary to Fort Douaumont – from the impressive Ossuary and French Cemetery we walk to the Trench of Bayonets memorial following trench lines and bunkers, we then follow the Tranche Londres to Fort Douaumont where we take a comprehensive tour of the site both inside and out with its stunning views over the battlefield.

Day 4

Walk 5 – Fort Tavannes to Fort Souville – Starting with a visit to Fort Vaux we then take a battlefield walk that is littered with trenches, bunkers and memorials as we follow forest tracks from the Fort Tavannes, through the Batterie de l’Hopital ending at the impressive Fort Souville complex with its Pamard casemates.

An afternoon visit to the Butte de Vauquois – a guided tour of the tunnel complex beneath the destroyed village of Vauquois led by leading local archaeologists, above ground the landscape is among the most incredible sites on the Western Front.

Day 5

Transfer back to the UK