Tour Dates: 2-6 June 2024  

Price Per Person:TBC (Non flight option available)
Single Supplement   

Hotels: 3* Hotel in Thessaloniki (1 night), 4* Hotel Hit, Doiran (3 nights)


Salonika Walking Tour 

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 
Early morning flight London Gatwick to Thessaloniki, visits to Lembet Road CWGC and a study of the Birdgcage Line - A visit to the Doiran Memorial onroute to the hotel in Dorian. 
Day 2  
We today study the fighting of La Tortue and the Petite Couronne including a study of the actions of the 10/Devon's & 7th Ox and Bucks Light Infantry. We will also walk Hill 340 that marked the Bulgarian second line captures during the 2nd battle of Doiran before returning to the hotel. 
Day 3 
Today is a full days study of the Doiran fighting including the T Line bunker positions of the Bulgarians, the 34th Infantry Regiment & 22nd Division Memorials and the battle for Pip Ridge, this full days walking conquers the Devil's Eye as we climb (at a sensible pace) the Grand Couronne, and a visit the 'The Hilt', a key Bulgarian position, we end with a boat trip across lake Doiran.  Overnight Hotel in Doiran  
Day 4
Study of the Struma Valley Campaign and associatied cemeteries/memorials, we consider the various actions at Tumbitza Farm, specifically the 27th Division attacks. We visit the British battery positions at Triada (Dragos) as well as the Bulgarian positions at Palio Castro, we will also study the 81st Brigade action in the centre of the Struma Valley in September 1916. We end the day transferring to Thessoloniki for our final evening.  
Day 5 
Transfer to Thessoloniki for onward flights to the UK