Tour Dates: 16th - 25th October 2022

Price Per Person: TBC
Deposit Flight cost ATOL approved)
Non Flight Option TBC (meet in Washington DC) 

Hotels: Eight nights B&B in 3 Star Superior Hotels in Washington, Fredericksburg, Antietam and Gettysburg

US Civil War 2022



Tour Itinerary
Day 1
Flight from London Heathrow to Washington's Dulles International Airport followed by check-in at our accommodation in DC followed by a welcome drink and introductory talk to set the scene.
Day 2
Our first day's touring sees us visit numerous locations of importance around the US Capitol including the site of Abraham Lincoln's Assassination, the White House, US Capitol Building, WW1, WW2 and Korean War Memorials as well as Arlington National Cemetery where many famous generals and statesman throughout history are buried along with a staggering 367 Medal of Honour Recipients.
Day 3
Walk 1 First Manassas/Bull Run

We begin our tour at the Stone Bridge where Union Army Commander General McDowell planned to cross the Bull Run and engage the Confederate Army in the first major battle of the Civil War
The Walk begins on Matthews Hill where we study the holding action of Confederate Colonel Nathan Evans on the ridge and the woods nearby. We descend the hill to the Stone House before looking at the key to the days fighting on Henry Hill, where Brigadier General Thomas Jackson earned himself a reputation and the nickname ‘Stonewall.’
Walk 2 Second Manassas/Second Bull Run

We begin our afternoon walk at Brawner’s Farm where we look at Jackson’s decision to engage the Union Army here in August 1862
Our walk begins in the shadow of the Groveton Memorial where we study the attack of Brigadier General Porter three divisions against Stonewall Jackson’s men. This fabulous short walk takes in some of the bitterest fighting in the Deep Cut and the Unfinished Railway. From here we visit the Confederate Cemetery before continuing our walk along New York Avenue with its fine memorial to the 5th New York’s (Zouaves) before heading into the woods and following General Longstreet Confederates attack onto Chinn Ridge.

Day 4
Walk 3 Fredericksburg

We begin our tour at the magnificent colonial estate of Chatham with its views over the Rappahannock and Fredericksburg. Here we discuss the planned river crossings on December 11th, 1862.

Our walk starts the other side of the river at the 7th Michigan’s Memorial. Here we follow them and the two Massachusetts Regiments as they fought their way through town. At the Market House we discuss the lost day and the sack of the town before following the Federals up to Marye’s Heights, where 9 Union Divisions would be shot to pieces by Confederates holding the stone wall in the sunken lane. This walk ends at the Cemetery that dominates the Heights.

We will also visit Prospect Hill/Slaughter Pen Farm where the Union Forces broke the Confederate line. 

Day 5
After defeat at Fredericksburg the Union Army of the Potomac struck once more in May 1863 just a few miles further west from Fredericksburg at the Village of Chancellorsville in Spotsylvania County. 
We look at where Major General Hooker tried to outflank the Confederates in the Wilderness before himself being outflanked by Stonewall Jacksons II Corps. 
Despite being massively outnumbered 2:1 the resulting battle is regarded as Robert E. Lee’s greatest Confederate victory. Through a series of short hop walks and stops we see where the fierce fighting took place at Chancellorsville crossroads, the site of Jacksons flank attack and the final slogging match in the thickets and marsh of the Wilderness.
Day 6
We begin the day at the excellent visitor's centre at Antietam.

Walk 4 Antietam 1

Our walk starts near the North Woods where we follow the 2nd and 6th Wisconsin’s as they advanced through the Cornfield, scene of desperate fighting. The trek cuts through the West Wood and onto the Dunker Church. From here we cross the ground behind the visitor centre and descend into the Bloody Lane, scene of one of the bloodiest encounters of the entire war. We end at the observation tower which affords a spectacular view over the battlefield.

Walk 5 Antietam 2

This afternoon we look at the Union attack on the vulnerable Confederate right flank. We follow the fortunes of Maj. Ge. Burnside's men as they attempted to ford Antietam Creek at a bridge defended thinly by two Georgian Regiments. We then walk small lanes up to Artillery Ridge and follow the Final Attack where Union IX Corps came close to a crushing victory before ending in Antietam Cemetery and summing up the single bloodiest day in American history.

Day 7
This morning we visit the Gettysburg Heritage Centre, complete with artefacts and cyclorama of the battlefield.

Walk 6 Gettysburg 1 - Opening shots

We start this walk near the McPherson farm. From the railway cut we walk up Oak Ridge and study Major General Rodes' disorganised Confederate attacks on the Union positions before the town. We end our walk on Barker’s knoll where the Union line collapsed signalling a first day victory for the Confederates.

Day 8
Walk 7 Gettysburg 2

Starting in the shadow of Big Round top this walk proceeds through Devil’s Kitchen down to the incredibly evocative Slaughter Pen and Devil’s Den. From here we ascend to the crest of Little Round Top where the men from New York and Maine gallantly held off repeated attacks on their position from the Texans and Alabamians and from which vantage point we get a fantastic view of the battlefield. The walk then descends to the Wheatfield and the Peach Orchard, scenes of unbelievable close quarter fighting before ending with a short bus hop to the magnificent Pennsylvania Memorial.

Walk 8 Gettysburg 3

Starting at Spangler’s Spring we follow the desperate struggle by the Confederates to capture Culp’s Hill, arguably the key to the battlefield. From here we take a short bus ride to Seminary Ridge and the Virginia Memorial before walking in the footsteps of the infamous Pickett’s Charge and the High Tide of the Confederacy, as Lee’s Army attempted to break the Union Army on Cemetery Ridge. A visit to the National Cemetery concludes the tour.

Day 9
Free time in Gettysburg with an option to visit the National Park Service visitor's centre. Transit to Washington DC for our overnight return flight back to the UK.

Day 10
Arrival in UK.